Mythbusting / The Fear Factor

Original Parts don’t function the same because they don’t receive the calibrations performed by the OEM

Only a few parts, such as electronic controls, get calibrated by the OEM. For all other parts, there’s nothing to adjust. Original Parts function exactly the same as their OEM counterparts when installed properly. Plus, Original Parts not only cost less, all Original Parts will perform as well as the parts they replace.

You should never use non-OEM parts because they will void your warranty

Equipment warranties usually last 6 months to a year. Your equipment should last a lot longer. Once your warranty has expired, you are free to use whatever parts you want. Why not save money by purchasing Original Parts? Original Parts are often made by the same manufacturer that supplied them to the company that assembled your equipment. Original Parts also come with a 6-month warranty – that’s twice as long as most OEM part warranties.

Total cost is higher

OEMs typically cost more because of licensing fees and support fees. Unless you specify custom performance or cosmetic attributes that require engineering changes or material build changes, then it may increase the cost.

OEMs are more secure

There is no empirical evidence to show this. What the OEM companies typically cite are out-of-date solutions.

Original Parts have no support

The support experts at Original Parts have a robust database of information as well as Original Parts training.

OEM solutions evolve more quickly

A good Original Part with a solid core development group can grow more rapidly because of the sheer size of the development community. OEMs only grow rapidly while being heavily funded.

Original Parts are difficult to update or have very few updates

An administrator can update most new Original Part information. However, some of the older solutions do take a developer to update or upgrade.