Why Original Parts?

The Big Five

Here are five reasons why Original Parts are the Smart Choice when choosing a parts source.

1. Guaranteed Performance

Original Parts undergo testing parameters to ensure excellent performance and quality for all your equipment.

2. Longer Warranty

Original Parts offers a 6-month warranty on parts. Typical OEM parts only have a 90-day warranty. If an Original Part fails in the warranty period you can contact your dealer and the part will be replaced free of charge.

3. Better Value (Lower Cost)

Original Parts believes in eliminating steps in the supply chain. By removing some of the steps in the distribution process greater savings can be achieved, and quality is still maintained.

 4. Hassle-Free Returns

With a hassle free policy all that needs to be done to file a return or refund is to simply return the part to the dealer or distributor within 6 months and you’ll receive a replacement Original Part, or a refund.

5. Easy-to-Find Parts

Original Parts has a knowledgeable support team with an extensive database of parts. The combination of quality customer service and support helps to ensure that you can find just the part or restaurant supplies that you’re looking for.