More Than Just Words

Don’t be confused by jargon — we can help. We’ll regularly add to our Glossary below, but we hope this is a good start to helping you understand the value in Original Parts.

Aftermarket – Aftermarket parts are classified as a secondary market of the industry. Aftermarket parts describe the remanufacturing, distribution, and retail of a parts (after the sale by an OEM); because of this the same standards for performance and function are not as strictly enforced.

Cold Side – Cold Side parts refer to restaurant equipment parts like refrigeration units, prep tables, thermostats for cooling and more.

Hot Side – Hot Side Parts include restaurant equipment parts like gas parts, commercial fryer parts and more.

Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) – OCM parts are made from a primary supplier source like an OEM part, but go through a different distribution channel.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – OEM parts are made from a primary supplier source then branded and supplied by the same manufacturer that made the equipment.

Original Part – Original Parts are specially selected OCM parts that meet the same testing standards as OEM parts. Original Parts give you the best value because we go straight to the manufacturer for these high-quality parts, and we’re able to pass the savings directly to you.