• Who is Original Parts?

    Original Parts is for those who seek a solid, trustworthy replacement parts source, Original Parts benefits include:

    • Guaranteed Performance
    • Longer Warranty
    • Better Value (lower cost)
    • Hassle-Free Returns
    • Easy-to-Find Parts.

    Original Parts is owned by Diversified Foodservice Supply Inc., one of the leading companies in the replacement parts industry.

  • I don’t see the part I need, can I get other parts from Original Parts?

    We are adding more Original Parts every day. Locate the OEM part number or the mfg # stamped on the part using our part search. If that part is not in our system contact us, and a product specialist will enter the part into our database for consideration. An Original Parts representative will also reach out to you about that suggestion.

  • How does Original Parts save money?

    We work directly with the factories that make the parts and streamline distribution, saving you money.

  • How do I find the part number?

    All you need to do is find the make and model of the part, and contact us to get in touch with a parts technician.

  • How do I make a warranty claim?

    We need to know from where and whom you ordered the part. Contact us within six months of the invoice date with this information and we’ll ship the replacement part directly to you.

    No restocking charge will be applied on Original Parts returned within the six month limit from the invoice date.

    Click here for full warranty details.

  • I read that non-OEM / Original Parts will void my warranty?

    That is a common misconception. If your equipment is still under warranty, contact the dealer or place where it was purchased—in all likelihood the repair and part should be free. If your equipment is out of warranty, Original Parts will have the same quality and performance as your OEM parts. They will not harm your equipment when installed properly.

  • My Original Part doesn’t look like my OEM part, what do I do?

    It is not uncommon for an OEM to change or update a component part. When it is deemed necessary to make a part fit better, change its capabilities, change its look, or perform more accurately, the OEM will notify the component manufacturer and request that such a change be made to the component. Sometimes the OEM may change component manufacturers to take advantage of better quality or less expensive components. When these events take place, the new components may look slightly different, but they will perform according to the OEM mandated specifications.

  • How do I know I can trust Original Parts?

    With more than 100 years of experience in the parts business, our goal is to stand behind every one of our parts and back them with a great warranty.

  • What about manufacturer “tweaked” products?

    There are very few parts that get calibrated or adjusted by the OEM before getting installed in equipment.  These are mainly solid-state electrical controls, such as potentiometers.  These types of parts are not offered as Original Parts.

  • What if it is the wrong part?

    Contact our support team online or at (866) 928-8808. They will be able to assist you with any ordering issues.

  • How do returns work?

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We offer easy, no-hassle returns on Original Parts. There will be no restocking fee on any Original Parts returned within the 6-month limit from the invoice date.

    For full details, visit our returns page.


If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us.