What are Original Parts

Be Original

You could buy an OEM part from an OEM distributor and pay for the extra step of distribution and the OEM stamp and of course, it would be a good choice. Or you choose an Original Part, which is in most cases, the same exact part, built to the same specification, just without the OEM branding. Original Parts realizes that for years, everyone has been made to fear non-OEM parts and with good reason. There are many inferior parts and products on the market that are not tested, are of inferior quality, and are just plain cheap and we’ve all had bad experiences with one of those. At Original Parts, we understand that so we test our products, we vet them against stringent criteria.

Not every part can be an Original Part. We work for you to take the fear out of buying non-OEM parts by ensuring they are just like the OEM and even take a step further by adding value to each and every part. The smart choice is Original Parts.

Check out the five key ways Original Parts represents Quality Guaranteed.

Benefits of being Original  

  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Longer Warranty
  • Better Value (Lower Cost)
  • Hassle-Free Returns
  • Easy-to-Find Parts